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Dr Mercola Complete Probiotics

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Product description

Bowel health is one of the top 10 reasons pet owners bring their pets to the veterinarian for health care.

Supporting your pet’s gastrointestinal health is a key factor in ensuring she lives the best life possible, and probiotics can help put her on the right path.

Complete Probiotics for Cats & Dogs provides your pet with 38 billion CFU of beneficial bacteria from 14 carefully selected strains known to promote optimal gastrointestinal health in dogs and cats. These health-promoting strains survive stomach acid to reach your pet’s small intestine, unlike some acidophilus-based products.

Our exceptional formula helps support:

  • A healthy balance of gut bacteria by promoting the optimal environment for the growth of beneficial bacteria.
  • The production of enzymes and lactic acid for healthy digestive processes and colon pH balance.
  • Healthy, normal immune system function.
  • The production of important hormones that influence mood, such as serotonin, and B vitamins, especially folic acid, biotin and vitamin K.
  • Healthy, normal metabolism and detoxification processes.
  • Regularity and appropriate bowel transit time.

Take an important step toward keeping your pet’s digestive and immune system happy and thriving, and order Complete Probiotics for Cats & Dogs today.

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Dr Mercola Complete Probiotics