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Dr. Mercola GI Support for Cats and Dogs


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Vendor: Dr. Mercola

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Just like with humans, dogs and cats occasionally have loose stools or get sick to their stomachs. And also like humans, sometimes you can pinpoint the cause, and sometimes, you can’t.

Digestive distress must always be taken seriously. The underlying reasons for your pet’s loose stools or vomiting are important to know. You must rule out any medical concerns, and only your trusted vet can do that. For brief, non-serious episodes of GI distress, you can provide extra support to help your pet feel better fast.

GI Support for Cats & Dogs is designed for use during occasional, acute gastrointestinal events. This unique formula includes nine herbs that have a long history of use in both humans and animals. This original blend is designed to help:

  • Support the normal flow of bile for normal waste removal and bowel function.
  • Promote the proper digestion of fats and proteins for gentler digestion of foods.
  • Reduce occasional loose stools or constipation due to stress or changes in diet.
  • Aid intestinal health and a healthy gut mucosa.
  • Support a normal inflammatory response in your pet’s GI tract.
  • Support the protective layers of your pet’s bowel.
  • Promote normal bowel function.

When your pet experiences occasional digestive distress, he looks to you for effective relief. Order GI Support for Cats & Dogs today, and be prepared for when nature plays its unpleasant tricks and your pet needs you to provide a little extra soothing and support.