Fur Haven Sofa Dog Bed - Plush & Velvet Comfy Couch

Variant: Jumbo Cooling Gel Top Alomondine


Perfect for cats and dogs of all ages, the FurHaven™ Comfy Couch Pet Bed is a short-sided pet sofa that is sure to be your pet's favorite new snuggle spot. Soft sided walls provide bolstered support on both edges and the back of the bed, allowing your pet to relax into comfort with their back and hips supportedThree different core filling options make it easy to find a bed that meets your pet's comfort needs (convolute orthopedic, memory foam top, or cooling gel top). 

The side bolsters also offer the perfect pillow for your pet to rest its head, allowing for better spinal alignment and neck relief. Bolsters are filled with 100% recycled fluffy fill. Sofa's gusset and bolsters are covered in smooth velvet with a matching plush faux fur sleep surface that is oh-so-soft on noses and paws. Available in three convenient sizes, three mattress types and two color options, you are sure to find a purrfect fit for your pet. The cover is easily removed and machine washable for your convenience.

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