Plato On the Go Energy Bar - Salmon & Carrot



The Treats That Travel

These aren’t your average treats. And they’re not for average dogs. These treats are made for trail blazing, road running, squirrel chasing, park punishing dogs that are always on the move. Packaged in convenient, single-serve bars, these treats travel with you and your canine companion for an energy boost wherever the road my take you. Our Salmon & Carrot Energy Bars have been formulated to offer active dogs 140 kilocalories of pavement-pounding energy per treat, from a healthy balance of real salmon, carrot, and eggs, to fuel their energetic lifestyles. They also support healthy digestion, are made with limited ingredients and are free from corn, wheat, soy or artificial flavors. We take the extra time to air-dry them in batches in order to avoid high-temperature processing. It takes a lot longer but we think it’s worth it.  Energy Bars also come in Chicken & Mango and Lamb & Apple.

Salmon, fish meal, vegetable glycerin, honey, flaxseed, gelatin, diced carrot, egg, organic coconut oil, salt, canola oil, mixed tocopherols (preservative), organic apple cider vinegar, citric acid (preservative), rosemary extract

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