Wizsmart All Day Dry Premium Dog Pads Ultra XL 14 Pack



Ultra XL · 14 count

Wiz Smart Super Dog Training Pads are ultra-absorbent, odor-trapping, and eco-friendly! These pads feature adhesive Stay Put tabs and hold up to 5 cups of liquid, making them the perfect solution for potty-training, bladder control issues, and marking problems! These pads: Hold up to 5 cups of liquid without leaking! Are quick-drying and odor-trapping Feature Stay Put adhesive tabs to place the pad at a 90-degree angle! Feature a pet-safe attractant to help train you train your pet Are a must for puppies, senior dogs with bladder control issues, and marking problems Wiz Smart cares not just about pets, but the world in which they play so each year they repurpose more than 120 million unused baby diapers as raw material for their dog pads. Wiz Smart also utilizes Eucapet fiber made from sustainable eucalyptus and grown by companies committed to Certified Responsible Forestry. Wiz Smart—keeping more dogs clean and comfortable, while keeping spaces cleaner!

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