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Wondercide Ear Mite Infection Treatment 2 oz

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Product description

Treat your pets ears naturally and effectively with the Wondercide Ear Mite & Infection Treatment for Dogs and Cats!

  • All-in-one solution
  • Fast acting relief
  • Solution to yeast and bacteria
  • Prevent recurring ear issues
  • No alcohol, artificial fragrances, or artificial preservatives
  • Gentle enough to use on puppies and kittens
  • Made in the USA!

The Wondercide Ear Mite & Infection Treatment for Dogs and Cats is gentle enough for the most sensitive ears, but powerful enough to stop uncomfortable ear conditions in their tracks. Soothing organic oils of neem and lavender help to soothe and ease, providing instant relief for swelling and other painful problems. Cedar oil helps to eliminate pests such as ear mites and bacteria, helping to halt ear infections before they even develop. The all-in-one solution serves as a versatile remedy to a multitude of ear ailments, quickly and efficiently alleviating uncomfortable problems like swelling and scratching. Contains no alcohol, artificial fragrances, or artificial preservatives, and is gentle enough to use on puppies and kittens.

FOR BEST RESULTS. Shake before use. Place several drops into the ear canal and massage gently. Allow pet to shake head to remove excess. Wipe area with a clean cloth. Repeat as needed until condition Improves. Temporary discoloration from natural oils may occur on light fur.


Purified water, Organic Oils of Neem, Lavender, Cedar and Lemongrass, Natural Emulsifier Made of Plant Materials & Tea Tree.

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Wondercide Ear Mite Infection Treatment 2 oz