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Summertime Heat and Pets

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It’s that time of year again! Time for beaches, grilling out, pool parties, and sunscreen. That’s right… Summer. Overheating!!! If your pet starts to show the following signs seek a veterinarian’s help

Summertime Heat and Pets

By: Marlana

It’s that time of year again! Time for beaches, grilling out, pool parties, and sunscreen. That’s right… Summer. Summer is a fantastic time of year. Typically filled with friends and family vacations and lots of fun in the sun. But when it involves your pets, make sure you are following these simple rules to keep your furever friends happy and healthy. 

Summer Rules:

  1. Dehydration!!! Pets can easily dehydrate in the bright sun or when it’s humid outside. Make sure that they are able to get lots of fresh clean water. When outside make sure not to let pets drink stagnant water.
    These bowls are easy to store and keep in your car for outings: Messy Mutts Collapsible Bowl 
  1. Shade!!! Make sure while you are out and about with your furry family member that you keep shade around so that your pet doesn’t overheat. When possible, keep them indoors. Especially when it’s boiling outside.
  1. Overheating!!! If your pet starts to show the following signs seek a veterinarian’s help. Panting, increased heart rate, labored breathing, drooling or salivation, collapsing or weakness. “Symptoms can also include seizures, bloody diarrhea and vomit along with an elevated body temperature of over 104 degrees.” (ASPCA, n.d.).

What to do if your pet is overheated?

  1. Cool Place!!! Find someplace that is cooler, indoors or someplace in the shade if still outdoors.
    If your pet likes wearing clothes, try this cooling vest!
  1. Water!!! Spray or get the pet's coat (down to skin) wet with COOL water. “Cold water tends to constrict the surface blood vessels in the skin and this reduces, instead of increases, heat loss.” (AKC, 2021)
  1. Fans or Ice packs!!! Use a fan to help cool off the pet's body. You can also place ice packs “under the armpits and a cool compress on the head can help regulate temperatures. Likewise, applying rubbing alcohol to paws can be helpful.” (ASPCA, n.d.) . This cooling towel works great for days you and your pet have to venture outside in the heat: Cooling Pup Towel
  1. Veterinarian!!! If your pet isn’t getting cool take them immediately to a vet’s office to have them checked out. Even if your pet recovers, it’s always good to have a checkup afterwards to make sure everything is great!

Tips about Summer Heat

  1. Flat faced pets will become overheated faster! “Brachycephalic dogs - with shorter, pushed in muzzles, shortened facial bones, and noses that are pushed in and upward.” (AKC, 2021) Affenpinschers, Boxer, Bulldog, Brussels Griffon, Bullmastiff, Boston Terriers, Cane Corso, Chow Chow, Dogue de Bordeaux, English toy spaniel, French Bulldog, Japanese Chin, Lhasa Apso, Pekingese, Pug, and Shih Tzu are all Brachycephalic dogs listed on the American Kennel Club’s site. 
  1. Overweight pets, Elderly pets, or those with heart or lung diseases are also more susceptible to overheating. Pets with dark colored fur or those with double coats as well.
  1. Hot asphalt! Even just temporarily walking across a parking lot can damage your pets feet. “According to data reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association, when the air temperature is 86 degrees, the asphalt temperature registers 135 degrees.” (Gewirtz, 2021)
    Try these boots for your pet when traversing outside asphalt on hot days: Pawz Pet Boots
  1. Don’t leave your pet in the car! According to Pet Insurance (2020) website “on a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can soar to between 100 and 120 degrees in just minutes and on a 90-degree day, it can reach as high as 160 in less than 10 minutes.” 

Hope you can use these tips this summer to keep your pets pawsitively happy and healthy. Have a great summer and be sure to keep water close by for your pets and yourself!


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