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Way back in 1979 Dr Roger Mugford, (now a world renowned animal psychologist) founded The Company of Animals as a vehicle to sell his inventions.

The Company is based on a 100 acre working farm in Surrey (England) and is just minutes away from the M25 and M3 with strategic connections to Heathrow and Gatwick airports. The site is also home to the Training and Behavior Centre, which was also founded by Roger in 1979. The Training and Behavior Centre is now regarded as one of the best in the country; specialising in all levels of dog training, offering behavior consultations on veterinary referral as well as resolving legal issues about pets, in and out of court. This gives The Company Of Animals the unique advantage of being able to constantly research and develop new products to help resolve pet-related behavior and training problems, as well as having a great base in which to test new designs and principles of animal training.

The primary drive for our company has always been to develop products that help owners and their pets find an enriched life and to improve animal welfare. The first and most famous product to be developed was the HALTI. Designed and developed by Roger, the HALTI was the first ever canine headcollar and has gone on to be the world favourite.

Today COA has suppliers, distributors and partners in over 30 different countries.


We believe that our products must improve the wellbeing of pets as well as helping their owners. For example, the HALTI® Headcollar was designed to give owners effective control when walking their dogs without causing pain or damage to the dog's delicate throat area. The steering action of the HALTI® is so effective that it led to the development of the HALTI® Harness, which works on the same principle of front control, but from the chest.


In addition to developing and producing our own products, we also import and distribute some of the world’s leading brands of pet products including Sporn pet products and Homeopet.

COA’s portfolio is constantly evolving and developing and now boasts over 40 different product ranges. Popular products include the HALTI Headcollar, Baskerville Muzzle and the revolutionary hand-held Pet Corrector device which interrupts unwanted behaviour by a hiss of air. The CLIX range of training accessories is hugely popular amongst trainers and behaviorists and offers everything from whistles and canvas dummy's to long lines and treat bags. 

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