A Brief History Of Kittywalk®...As Told by Inventor Lise King

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Dear Friends of Kittywalk,

Welcome to the world of Kittywalk products. We thank you for your interest and loyal support over the past eighteen years. Way back in the year 2001, we entered the pet product marketplace with our first creation - the Original Lawn version pet enclosure. And since that time our line has grown to over 45 products with Kittywalk receiving many important industry awards. In 2002 we brought out the first pet stroller and created a sensation (also a host of copycats, no pun intended). But the public embraced the pet strollers and it is for pet parents like you that we continue to proudly create innovative new pet products. Everybody wins!

Like you, we love our pets. Originally the desire of our Ragdoll cat Carcher to be outdoors - safely, was so strong that we were compelled to create a design that allowed him to lie in the grass, watch the birds and breath fresh air without the risk of escape or injury. He was the inspiration we needed to create a safe outdoor environment where none existed before. That first enclosure was so successful that over 100,000 units have been sold around the world, which equates to many miles of safe cat enclosures.

By naming our company Kittywalk Systems®, we sought to distinguish our products as a network of interconnecting products that really works well for indoor cats that want a life outdoors. People are getting it. This year, more than any other we are receiving orders for 3, 4 and 5 units that connect in a person's backyard, deck or patio. It is extremely gratifying to know that people care enough about their pets to earmark the funds necessary to free them from a life lived indoors.

We are proud to say that throughout these eighteen nine years as well as winning many Pet industry awards for design and innovation, Kittywalk Systems has garnered the attention of the media with popular television shows such as The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, The Martha Stewart Living Show with Marc Marrone, The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan, The View, National Geographic Network, and HGTV who have all featured Kittywalk products. Kittywalk Systems® has also been praised in dozens of publications including New York Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Crain's Business News, The New York Post, Newsday, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Cat Fancy Magazine, as well as notable pet industry publications Pet Business and Pet Age magazines.

Loyal Kittywalk pet parents are not just confined to the United States, as we have shipped our products all over the world.
We have shipped to exotic places like Tasmania, Dubai, Japan Australia, Norway, Iraq (some of our armed forces in Iraq have ordered several of our Kittywalk products for bases where cats and dogs have been adopted by our troops), Finland, China, as well as the more typical destinations like Puerto Rico, Hawaii, The United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico - and we have even sent a Kittywalk unit to the North Pole! Kittywalk products have been utilized for cats and dogs from the Gulf War - to the Gulf Coast. A customer wrote to tell us that his Kittywalk Deck & Patio survived Hurricane Katrina stapled to a backyard deck - after the storm it was still totally intact with it's tattered American flag still waving in the wind.

One caution, Kittywalk has seen a growing number of outdoor pet enclosures now on the market that are, frankly scary. Just because a product is on the internet or in a catalog does not mean it is safe for your pet. Kittywalk Systems® has an eighteen year tried and true record for safety. Many of the Pet Industry pundits' are loyal Kittywalk customers and for good reason. Kittywalk products are hand made of solid steel and commerercial fish net and are fully enclosed. All of our Kittywalk products are made of the finest materials available while still keeping the prices affordable.

For literally pennies a day Kittywalk products offer safe outdoor access for pets who otherwise would not be free to feel the sunshine on their faces and delight in all of the fascinating smells and sounds of the great outdoors.

Our Ragdoll cats Karcher and Missuka continue to excel in testing each and every Kittywalk product they encounter in the office and at home, as they seem to take their jobs in research and development very seriously. So far so good!

Keep those photos and letters coming and watch our website for some new and very exciting products coming out soon.

Thank you once again for your loyalty.

All the best to you and yours,

Lise & Jeff

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