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We are a Canadian owned and operated company that is always striving for the best quality dog chews. We are continually working with several well researched facilities. As we deal directly with facilities that produce for us, we have better management of the quality control of our treats. We are constantly improving and developing new products to ensure that the customer, your dog, is receiving a high-quality product.  Our company started with one product and we continue to expand our product line based on the voice of store and dog owners. We are a proud member and supporter of Pijac Canada.

Our product line includes: the ever popular Nature’s Own bully stick chew (premium odourfree) sourced from fresh beef (the reason for it being odourfee), dehydrated cow earselk antler which are naturally shed (product of USA and Canada), pig ears and pig ear strips and Nature’s Own Dehydrated Dental Tendon Chews. Visit better pet stores for the Nature’s Own Dog Chews product line. Accept no substitutes. If the store you visit does not sell our brand, feel free to ask the store owner to visit our website so they can explore the products we supply.  We will gladly provide them with any additional information they may require about our brand.

Our products come from free range cattle that feed off the green fields of South America. They are not given hormone filled feed. They are allowed to mature naturally… the way mother nature meant it to be. We like to call them GREEN cattle because the green grass they feed from is all natural with no pesticides.  This is important in promoting an all round better beef product.  Our goal is to provide a treat with a purpose, whether it be to provide omega 3 and 6, chondroitin/glucosamine, or just a great dental treat that assists in exercising the jaw muscles and aiding with dental hygiene.

All of our products are CFIA , USDA and FDA approved. CFIA’s guidelines require mandatory testing for E. Coli. and Samonella. We perform testing on all of our beef products to ensure that appropriate quality control is maintained. Our suppliers are not just pet treats suppliers, many of  them produce beef products for human consumption as well!  They use very strict quality control measures.  All chews meet the strict criteria from their country of origin before they are ready to be delivered to us. This means that they are inspected by government certified inspectors and approved by a veterinarian with a signed and stamped health certificate.

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Nature's Own Dog Chews

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