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Father and son duo Michael and Gary Friedland created PawZ Rubber Dog Boots to keep your dog healthy, protect paws from injury and keep your house clean. The boots, made of a durable natural rubber, provide a strong barrier between the dog’s paws and potentially dangerous substances such as harmful snow melt chemicals, searing hot pavement and dog run bacteria. The boots are the brainchild of Gary Friedland, a retired art director in the New York area, who studied at the LaGuardia School of Music and Art, the inspiration for the hit movie Fame. Gary, who enjoys taking his Jack Russell Terrier, Huckleberry, for walks in the city, tried a number of boots to protect his dog’s paws from hazards such as salt and chemicals but kept running into a problem: he couldn’t keep the boots on Huckleberry’s paws. Somehow, they’d manage to slip off and frequently be lost. Losing one boot meant buying an entire new set of four, an expensive proposition.

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Pawz Dog Boots

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