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PET LIFE ® is a New Jersey based Full-Line Manufacturer of Pet Supplies that had first been established in 2007.  We specialize in manufacturing, distributing and cultivating a wide variety of Brands and products ranging from Fashion to Smart Connected Pet Devices. Pet Life operates independently out of it's own privately managed Distribution and State-of-the-art Fulfillment facilities located in Edison, NJ. Our super dedicated team focuses on bringing the most unique products and designs to life with a talented staff of Engineers, R&D personnel, Marketing team with a tremendously talented team of Designers. We're about creating a Lifestyle not just a product and our Brand messaging is what sets us apart. Our cultivated Lifestyle brands collectively are featured in retailers across the globe with a high-level of recognition.


Pet Life has and will always remain dedicated to providing the most meaningful and innovative pet products to improve the daily lives of our pet's. Our gifted team are driven by embedded LOVE and PASSION for pets. When we stamp our brands on our collections that's our seal of perfection and quality. No words will ever account for the appreciation and dedication we have for the may pet owners around the world we are deeply grateful and we will always continue to raise the bark!


PET LIFE ® had first launched in New York City in 2007 during the beginning stages of the hard-hit economic recession, with 2 driven childhood friends and CEO's with an inspiration to build the American Dream in becoming the leader in the Pet Fashion Industry by following their true love and passion for pets, with a low starting capital and working out of a tiny residential office and 1,000 SF warehouse. In early 2008 Pet Life had launched their first collections with our very first shipments of Outerwear, Shoes for dogs (yup) and Pet Carriers. With the love and support of our customers we've expanded into a still relatively small 600 SF office in Brooklyn, NY with a 1,800 SF facility in New Jersey. Our support had continued and we've migrated into a 2,500 Square Foot consolidated facility in Brooklyn, New York and in early 2011 Pet Life had expanded into a 4,500 Square Foot Privately Managed facility with an allocated space at a 3PL facility in Edison, NJ at an additional 5,000 Square Feet. In 2012 we've branched into a 20,000 SF facility in Edison, NJ with an additional 30,000 SF of space. Today Pet Life operates in their privately managed 100,000 SF facility based out of Edison, NJ with a strong staff with the expansion of 5 specialty lifestyle brands to date featuring Mid-Tier to Higher-End Fashion, Supplements and Connected Pet devices. There's always a story with every successful business and we wanted to personally thank all of our dedicated consumers - the ultimate driving force of our success - for supporting our affection and devotion. With a little hard work, focus and the support of our customers we would have never made it here. The American dream is alive and well!


Our goals are relentless and never-ending as we strive to become the worlds largest Manufacturer to Distributor while filling voids in the pet industry by providing unique and innovative pet products to our loyal brand supporters. We always strive for better no matter what we're about following our passions. We're right on that path to do just that as we envisioned of doing in 2007 through the toughest of economic times and we KNOW we'll get there with the continued support of our loyal customers. Every year we seek to continue our tremendous progress and relate our brand messaging to every customer. We care about the brands we build with our blood, sweat and tears we're laser focused in delivering the very best products to all our loyal customers whom show support and appreciation for the work that we do. We'll never stop! there's nothing more joyous than putting a smile on a satisfied customer. We're all about serving our customers and keeping our loyal fans happy. We love you all and we appreciate your commitment!

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