PetfetchID connects owners and finders of lost pets in the quickest, safest and most stylish way possible.

We are pleased to present our new range of Petfetch pet tags! 

Our pet tags were created by and for pet lovers and are designed to appeal to pet owners of all generations. Owning a pet is one of the most fun things in life and we believe the tags we put on our pets should not be boring!

Our pet tags are ‘smart’ due to the fact they include a complimentary pet loss retrieval system called Each tag has a unique ID number pre-engraved ensuring lost pets can be reunited with their owners at a click.


Pre-engraved Uque ID

Police-Certified Patented System

Pet Loss Retrieval Service

Build a pet profile

Suitable for dogs & cats
We want your pets to be safe and stylish, and we’ve made sure that our tags deliver on both fronts. Our tag designs are unique, fun and fashionable and are perfectly suited for dogs & cats of all sizes. Each Petfetch tag comes with a lifetime loss protection service. Once registered on you’ll be able to build a full pet profile, including a picture of your pet, your contact details and any medical or dietary information about your pet. 
We have 2 families of tags, each consisting of 10 stylish designs. We call them the Emoji collection & Fun collection. We hope you enjoy them!

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