Premium Pork Chomps

Take the challenge. Try Pork Chomps today!

Your dog will thank you for it. 

Snap a picture of your dog with Pork Chomps, hashtag #porkchomps on Facebook or Instagram, and enter for a chance to win a Pork Chomps Gift Basket packed with our delicious products.

"A few years ago, my dog choked on a rawhide chew and it scared the fire out of me."

- Jungle Jack Hanna

Vet Recommended

Dr. Joe Seward, a practicing veterinarian for more than 25 years, “was intrigued by a University of Illinois study published in 2012.” Dr. Seward said “this was an important finding to me because the less time a chew spends in the intestines the less time it has of causing a blockage or other type of gastrointestinal distress. I personally believe that Pork Chomps are a safe alternative to rawhide chews.”

University tests have proven that Pork Chomps are 99.9% digestible and digest faster than rawhide.  

What are Pork Chomps?

  • Pork Chomps are the “World’s Most Perfect Dog Chew!”

  • A 100% rawhide-free dog chew made from baked pork skin

  • Preferred 9 to 1 over beef rawhide

  • Use a patented process removing 70% of the pork’s fat which creates a low-fat, cleaner and healthier dog chew

  • Completely edible. Mess-free and odor-free because your dog will eat the whole thing!

  • Safe to give to weaned puppies and help to satisfy your dog’s innate desire to chew

  • Pork Chomps come in a broad range of shapes & flavors including pepperoni, peanut butter, chicken, sweet potato, duck, and bacon!


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Premium Pork Chomps

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