Under the sun by Canidae

Our history.

From the first truckload of food we delivered to the latest batch cooked in our Pet Nutrition plant in Brownwood, Texas, our story is one we’re proud of. Canidae was founded in 1996 by two pet owners who knew they could make pet food better. Better nutrients. Better flavor. Better for pets and better for us all. We’ve been committed to quality ever since. That commitment is upheld today in more than just our nutrient-rich, premium pet food. It inspires everything we do, from the land we harvest and the farmers we work with, to the people we employ and the local pet food stores we partner with.

Goodness for pets.

Our vet-formulated products are packed full of goodness to bring out the best in pets, with recipes made from wholesome, high-quality ingredients, balanced for whole body health.
We have invested in our own pet nutrition plant in Brownwood, TX that puts safety and integrity first, where we continue to research and develop our pet food recipes. Our facility allows us to have control over the formulas, quality and nutrition of our food.

Goodness for all.

Buying Canidae means not only caring about the health of pets and their people but also the health of our planet, through our investment in regenerative agriculture and sustainable business practices.

We’re committed to our farming partners.
Canidae is partnering with US farmers and green technology companies to bring new, sustainable practices to farming. By lowering pesticide use, reducing runoff and adopting regenerative farming approaches, we are nurturing the health of our planet which in turn grows food with more nutrients. Better for us, better for our pets.

We’re Cultivating New Ways to Do Pet Food Better.
Canidae is exploring ways to improve the quality and nutrients of the ingredients going into our food ourselves. We carefully cultivate nutrient-rich crops like peas and milo, as well as a variety of vegetables and herbs – helping farmers find more ways to partner with nature rather than work against it.

Our Future Is Bright & Our Commitment Is Strong.
Canidae is embarking on a long and exciting journey to reduce our impact on the planet and we’re taking small but important steps to get there as we continually seek more sustainable ways to make, package and transport our food. We’re excited to take you on this journey with us. By choosing Canidae you’re saying you want to invest in a healthier planet for pets and their people.

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Under the sun by Canidae

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