Evanger's Pet Foods, a family-owned and operated company, has been dedicated to providing high-quality pet nutrition since 1935. Founded by Fred Evanger, who started making pure meat canned foods for his champion Great Danes, Evanger's continues to innovate with the same passion and commitment to superior nutrition. Known for their hand-packed pet foods, including the popular Hunk of Beef, Evanger's products are crafted to meet the highest standards and are approved by their very own discerning pets before reaching the market.

With over 75 years of independent ownership, Evanger's remains committed to quality and customer service, selling exclusively through independent neighborhood pet shops. Their mission is to enhance the quality and enjoyment of life for companion pets through nutrition. Trusted by pet owners and loved by pets, Evanger's continues to lead the way in premium pet food manufacturing. Discover the exceptional quality of Evanger's and provide your pets with the nutrition they deserve.

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