Returns and Other Things

We will consider any return that you want to make, Personally.

If it is a general item, we will accept returns of NEW UNOPENED, RE-SALEABLE products, within 2 weeks, that's 14 days. We work weekends, so we just say 14 days. Please do not open your product, use it for a week and then expect us to take it back, we will not. When you order something wrong, or your spouse does; we will take that back, after you ship it back to us. within 14 days.  We will not refund the shipping to you. I mean, let’s be honest, would you expect us to?

Now if WE mess up the order, that's a No Brainer to us, we will stand behind it, apologize for weeks, and try our very best to make it right, and hope you forgive us.

If you purchase a personalized item, we cannot return that. As much as you think your pet/child/spouse (or self) is the best thing since sliced bread, there's a very high likelihood that I will not be able to find that special someone that shares your view to sell the item to.  I will do this though; If I find the person that wants to buy your item, I will drop you an email, and maybe you can sell it. I won't even ask for a commission if that happens.

We don't accept many checks normally, but if we do and yours returns to our account, we will charge you a $30.00 fee, plus any extra fees that your bank charges, and No, we will not run it again. You will also be expected to pay for your item with cash/credit card and if you don't, we will use whatever means necessary and legal to recover our monies.

For Credit Card and Debit Cards, if there is a return or a charge back, we will charge a $50.00 return fee AND pass on any fees from our credit card company. This is especially true if you dispute a charge that you haven't told us about.

If you have an issue, as mentioned above, we will take care of you long before you get to the point of disputing a charge with the credit card company, so if you think you are going to do it just to get out of paying for something, or hoping we will be one of those that don't fight you and just write it off; think again, it will cost you!

Now, if you charge back because we are not doing our jobs, then it won't cost you a thing! Then we will dance backwards in high heels, have long discussions, and long apologies, and we will make you happy; or at the very least, satisfied.


We are putting an option to add insurance to your shipping, it increases your costs slightly, but the shipping company only covers $100.00 in product if they break it, and I don't further cover shipping damages, unless of course we messed up and didn't pack it tight. We pack things tight, and the shipping companies usually take very good care of items, but this is just for information.