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Acana Dog Can Puppy Chunks 12.8 oz

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ACANA pet food always goes above and beyond when it comes to crafting our nutritious recipes. Every can of ACANA Premium Pâté is crafted thoughtfully from start to finish. Our Puppy Pâté Recipe in Bone Broth is a specially formulated pâté crafted to nurture your puppy’s growth and development. With 85%* premium animal ingredients like chicken, turkey and herring, it’s balanced with 15%*† visible fruit and vegetables. Our recipe is also in a savory bone broth base for flavor and nutrition. Top it on your puppy’s favorite ACANA kibble to provide moisture and nourishment, or feed it alone for an indulgent treat at mealtime.

  • The first 3 ingredients are fresh or raw chicken, chicken liver and chicken bone broth. Our fresh ingredients use refrigeration as the sole method of preservation and our raw ingredients are frozen at their peak freshness
  • This recipe is a premium, pâté of poultry and fish
  • Savory bone broth base adds a flavor your puppy will crave
  • Mix & match with ACANA kibble for a delicious addition to mealtime
  • High in moisture to keep your dog hydrated

*Approximate values and excludes water for processing
†We also add natural preservatives, stabilizers and other nutrients

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Acana Dog Can Puppy Chunks 12.8 oz