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Health Extension Cat Chicken & Tuna 2.8oz

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Grain Free Chicken & Tuna Recipe


This smooth paté is prepared with tender chicken as the first ingredient, which along with real tuna is an excellent source of animal protein. Then we add delicious, whole food ingredients like pure coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. This canned, limited ingredient diet also provides essential moisture, which helps ensure your cat consumes enough water as well as promoting proper urinary tract health. Health Extension Grain Free Chicken & Tuna Recipe is ideal for adult cats of all breeds.

With cage free chicken!


  • deboned chicken #1 ingredient
  • responsibly harvested salmon
  • pure coconut oil
  • added taurine, essential for feline health


  • wheat, corn, gluten or soy
  • antibiotics, steroids or hormones
  • by-products or rendered animal fats
  • ethoxyquin
  • added sugar
  • artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
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Health Extension Cat Chicken & Tuna 2.8oz