Oasis Thirst Quencher



The THIRST-QUENCHER provides a fresh self-service water supply in yards and kennels all day long when the THIRST QUENCHER is installed at any handy faucet. No more tipped over water dishes! Easy for pets to use the sturdy cast metal unit is nickel plated and dispenses water with a simple lick or nudge... then shuts off automatically. Clean sanitary economical and easy to install... simply attach the THIRST QUENCHER directly to any garden-type hose bib (see instructions on card for use with hoses.) Adding a Y-tap connector valve or similar device to the faucet and attaching the THIRST QUENCHER to one end of the Y-tap connector will provide ongoing self-service watering for pets while maintaining free access to the faucet for general use. Ideal for: DOGS PRIMATES POTBELLY PIGS AND SOME EXOTIC PETS.

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