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Safari Double Row Flea Comb Short/Medium Hair


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Vendor: Safari

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Prevent the headache of fleas and detect pests early with the Safari Dog Double Row Flea Comb. This dog flea prevention comb has double row bristles specifically designed to pull out fleas from deep in your dog's coat. This comb is easy to use. Simply brush through the coat and dip the comb into a cup of water with mild soap between strokes. In addition to finding fleas, these combs also identify dry, flaky skin in the early stages. The early identification of dry skin and fleas allows you to apply treatment before further discomfort occurs. Using these flea combs regularly is essential during flea season in the spring and summer, especially for dogs who love having outdoor fun.

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  • Dog Flea Prevention: Double row dog flea combs help find fleas early to prevent further infestation
  • Healthy Dog Coat: Metal dog comb identifies flaky, dry dog skin to help reduce skin irritation
  • Owner-Friendly Dog Flea Comb: This flea brush is contoured to fit in your palm for better control
  • Easy-to-Use Dog Comb: The perfect comb for outdoor dogs with short and long hair during flea season
  • Coastal Pet Cares: We design and deliver quality products that people trust for the pets they love