Skout's Honor Grooming Probiotic Detangler Dog of the Wood 8 oz



Natural avocado oil and omega-3 fatty acids help condition.
Contains probiotics to support the good bacteria.
Gentle enough for daily use.
Paraben-free, sulfate-free and cruelty-free.
Tear-free and soap-free for your sidekick.

Help your pup achieve a show-stopping coat with Skout’s Honor Probiotic Dog of the Woods Dog Detangler. But this isn’t just any detangler, this one is made with probiotics to help support good bacteria. Good bacteria are important because it can naturally protect your pup from environmental damage and inflammation, which can lead to excessive shedding, dryness, infection, itching and odor. And avocado oil and omega-3 fatty acids help soften and hydrate for a tangle-free finish.

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